Seeking out our pet food for your beloved pet is undeniable proof that you are a person with an exceptionally Good Noze who has sniffed out a quality product.

With a sense of smell far greater than humans your special companion joins you in the Good Noze department and will thank you for booking them a fine dining experience.

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I’m not one to gossip but ... finding Good Noze pet nutrition dog food was like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, finding the Emerald City. Our dog Miss Liza is a ten year old Pekinese and is extremely picky when it comes to what she will eat or for that matter what ever she will do in her life. She has always turned up her swished up Pekinese little nose at any dried food, so with trepidation I bought a pack of Good Noze New Zealand Beef & Venison which is freeze dried.

She went over to her bowl – looked at the food then looked up at me much as to say “Oh puh-lease what part of I don’t do dried food do you not understand?” She begrudgingly looked at me with those Bette Davis eyes and shot out her little pink tongue and started to try a little – then looked at me again much as to say, “hey this is not at all bad!”

Today she is a complete convert to Good Noze freeze dried food … but my lips are sealed!

David H. W. Hartnell MNZM. Celebrity Hollywood journalist


  • Becky, Neil & Lennex ????

    Even the fussiest chihuahua cleans his bowl

    I wanted to email & tell you how happy I am with your service and food. I ordered a small bag of Dogs Breakfast (very handy size for a Chihuahua owner;) and fed this together with Lennex’s old food and I noticed he was finishing all the Good Noze but leaving the other. This prompted me to order a larger bag (still a great size for him!) and some of your freeze dried Lamb & Honey…..and you lovely people put in a sample (good size again!) of your Sprinkle Super Star too! Oh & a lovely note☺️ The service was amazing, thank you….but also Lennex is still cleaning his bowl every meal & he’s never done this with any other food - Chihuahua’s are often fussy eaters, perhaps you may use this info in future marketing somehow? I just wanted you to know how impressed and happy we are….I’m also loving that it’s NZ made as previous quality brands have been coming from Canada, so tick in the environmental/carbon footprint box too!! Thanks again guys, you’re wonderful!

    Lennex showing his appreciation

    Becky, Neil & Lennex ????
  • Christina Boot

    Sophie's choice

    Sophie has just received her order for her favourite food (freeze dried NZ venison and chicken) and wants to thank you for the gift of Pet Porridge! I am her mum and would also like to thank you very much for the gift of a mug. Much appreciated. Good Noze is the first cat food that Sophie has been able to keep down (apart from pouches of wet food which I don’t like buying) so we are thrilled that finally we have found something that she thrives on. She has been known to find where we store her food and drag the package into a hidey place and proceed to rip the bag open! Thanks again.
    Christina Boot
  • Coreena Opie

    Not junk like the cheap stuff!

    Last year I complained about my dog not initially liking the dogs All Day Breakfast. She loves the freeze dried so we continued to purchase that one for her and it's still a favourite! Well the other day I was at the supermarket and saw that the All Day Breakfast had a new formula. I thought, why not try it? So I got a couple bags and WOW. She LOVES it!!! Thank you so much for the change. We are now making it her primary food. She can't get enough. My mum even talked a man into buying a bag. At first he was hesitant of the price, but she explained that it was real nutrition and not junk like the cheap stuff. Thank you so much!!

    Coreena Opie
  • Kathy Lagrouw

    Fussy Bichon Frise no longer bored

    I have a very fussy Bichon Frise - she is 4 now but it has been a real battle trying to get a dog food that she will eat! and I have been persistent. We finally found "Ziwi Peak" dehydrated - she will eat but I have to mix things into it and lately she has been picking out the bits of kibble - I think she gets bored with the same food. I don't blame her with normal kibble - I open the bag and smell is like chemical cardboard. Anyway I gave her your food "All Day Breakfast" and was blindsided when she ate the kibble (every scrap) before the mixed in toppers. I had to race to the pack to check I had not brought treats by mistake! So I'm impressed! It smells good too! Great that you do small bags - so we can change the flavour and some small dogs don't eat much most company's do big quantities that go rancid before even half gone so I only buy small bags.

    Kathy Lagrouw
  • Danielle Muaror

    Always eager for dinner now!

    Just letting you know she absolutely loves your food. After seeing how much she loved the freeze dried morsels you sent us, we went and brought a bag of your All Day Dog’s Breakfast and she just loves that too! Never seen her so eager for her dinner.

    Danielle Muaror
  • Maree McInerney

    My cats love it!

    Hello, I would like to let you know that my cats absolutely love the Good Noze cat food, which I purchased for the first time last week. One of my cats literally goes to the cupboard where they are stored first thing in the morning waiting for me to serve some to him! Regards,

    Maree McInerney
  • Mr Howard Jenkins Esq.

    Devilish good looks return

    Dear Good Noze, For the last 2 years I have been literally ripping my hair out. I have been suffering from extreme itchiness, mostly on my rear end. Not only is this embarrassing, but also very ugly as it results in bald patches. This has not been good for my social or love life. The vets prescribed courses of steroids which worked, but the irritation always returned. I decided to give Good Noze dog food a go and guess what.....? Not only have I stopped scratching, but I have never felt healthier. Lady Stardust, (cat) and Mrs B (dog 2) soon made it clear that they wanted Good Noze too. Although their beauty could never compare, I do have to admit that they too are looking pretty damn good. Thank you Good Noze, you have given me back my self confidence and my devilish good looks. Yours most handsomely,

    Mr Howard Jenkins Esq.
  • Kelly - Hybrid Dog Training

    Perfect training treats

    I love your food ingredients, my three dogs are raw feed and I've been using your food as training treats.

    Kelly - Hybrid Dog Training
  • Anita Nalder

    Bella ecstatic over Good Noze treats!

    I found your Doggie Treats in Thorndon New World (Wellington) yesterday. Your packaging is fantastic, I am a serious laggard when it comes to new products but picked up yours straightaway. Really though, it’s my dog who is ecstatic. My yorkie, Bella, has sat looking like a highly-attentive, best-behaved, over-achiever ever since she tried a treat (or three) last night. I think I may have found the key to keeping her polite around other dogs. Congratulations on a great product. It’s not easy to stand out on a supermarket shelf and to make customers happy or to get your product into a big supermarket in the first place. I’ll be looking out for your other products now too. All the best,

    Anita Nalder
  • Ponsonby Vets

    Fussy eaters approve!

    All our staff with dogs have raved about your freeze dried Lamb product and even a sick dog that hadn’t eaten for 2 days gobbled up a handful so we think they are worth having around for our fussy eaters!