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Made Freeze
Dried Pet Food

Meet the Family

Seeking out our pet food for your beloved pet is undeniable proof that you are a person with an exceptionally Good Noze who has sniffed out a quality product.

Our Philosophy

As members of the family, our pets deserve the best possible nutrition for health, happiness and longevity. At Good Noze Pet Cuisine our philosophy is to manufacture such a food. No compromises


Rich in minerals and vitamins, natural enzymes and antioxidants for overall health and immunity

Vitamins & Minerals

Good Noze pet nutrition exceeds AAFCO standards with extra vitamins and minerals


Premium cuts of 100% New Zealand grown raw meat for natural healthy nutrition


Cats need Taurine for healthy vision, digestion, heart muscle function, and to maintain a healthy immune system

Bone & Cartilage

Healthy levels of calcium and phosphorus, so your pet will have strong bones and teeth


Rich in minerals and vitamins, natural enzymes and antioxidants for overall health and immunity

All Meat, No Mess.
Raw, Freeze Dried Convenience.

Freeze drying locks in the nutritional value of raw food, but without the hassle or odour of wet raw food.

Save on your pet food purchase by setting up an auto re-order. No more empty food bowls and late night trips to the shop. Choose the interval you want your pet food delivered and Good Noze will automatically dispatch it to you.

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Our Extended Family

“I’m not one to gossip but ... finding Good Noze pet nutrition dog food was like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, finding the Emerald City.

Our dog Miss Liza is a ten year old Pekinese and is extremely picky when it comes to what she will eat or for that matter what ever she will do in her life. She has always turned up her swished up Pekinese little nose at any dried food, so with trepidation I bought a pack of Good Noze New Zealand Beef & Venison which is freeze dried.”

David H. W. Hartnell MNZM. Celebrity Hollywood journalist

"Have tried the dogs all day breakfast, the pet porridge and the cat food. My animals love everything we have tried so far, even the dog treats! I love that it is all natural and New Zealand made."

Megan Roberts

"Fantastic to find a nutritionally balanced food , made in New Zealand that all three dogs love ( even our picky eater!). Also fantastic customer service"

Jenny Y

"All our staff with dogs have raved about your freeze dried Lamb product and even a sick dog that had not eaten for two days gobbled it up so we think it is worth having Good Noze in stock"

Ponsonby Vets

"Gypsy has perked up so much that she is starting to put on weight, out of her bed, outside again and taunting Tilly the puppy. Neither of my cats touch the supermarket biscuits any more!"


"The vets prescribed rounds of steroids which worked but the itchiness would always return. I decided to give Good Noze dog food a go and guess what..? Not only have I stopped scratching, but I have never felt healthier. Thank you Good Noze!"

Mr Howard Jenkins

Meet the Family

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