Our Story

Meet Frank, the Raglan based pet nutritionist on a mission to create the most premium pet food on the planet.

Frank & Sue

Raglan locals

Meet Frank, the co-founder & managing director of Good Noze pet food. After obtaining his honours degree at Massey University, Frank has been a practising animal health nutritionist for the past 30 years.

It was during this time he noticed a growing trend in pets developing food allergies, itchy skin conditions and other health issues. He realised that there was a need for delicious, natural nutritious pet food without the additives, to provide a healthy, balanced and complete diet to pets with discerning tastes.

Frank gave himself the challenge to produce a premium range of 100% natural food for pets, which would mimic the diet they would eat in the wild. Good Noze uses no preservatives or additional taste enhancers, using only the best New Zealand ingredients available. From the farm to the Waikato based freeze drying factory, Good Noze has deep New Zealand roots and makes no compromises on quality.

The Perfect Pantry

New Zealand

New Zealand is the most trusted food source in the world, which means we are spoilt for choice when it comes sourcing the finest natural produce and ingredients.

NZ Meat, Offal & Bone

Essential vitamins & minerals

Sometimes a little honey

The Community

We believe in supporting local enterprise. Our products are made in New Zealand by kiwi’s, with fresh kiwi ingredients.

Our mission

To craft the most fun and flavoursome pet food the world has ever seen.

Our Philosophy

Your pets are our customers. Consequently we look at food from a dog or cat’s perspective to determine what they are instinctively drawn to at mealtime.

Good Noze was built on the philosophy that much like us they thrive on variety, as well as natural, healthy and minimally processed food. We believe the closer foods stay to their natural state, the better they are and that’s why our diets are based on foods they might find in the wild.


You can help us save the planet. Simply clean and dry the bag then drop it into the soft plastics recycling bin at any participating store.

It will be turned into something useful - like a fence post for a NZ farm. Thanks for
doing your bit to keep NZ beautiful.

Our packaging acknowledges that pets have human-like qualities and reflects our overall philosophy towards pets and pet food. We see your pets as you see them – a beloved and vital member of the family. We asked a local Raglan artist, Hayley Hamilton, to capture those qualities for us.

Meet the Family

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